Revenue Cycle Management…on steroids.

We know that sometimes you already have it dialed in. Consulting may not be an immediate need, but you DO need help with RCM. Our billing team lives and breathes outpatient therapy billing. They understand how important every step is in maximizing your profit for the care you provide.

Every step matters.

From proper credentialing to collecting patient balances, we know the steps it takes to get you paid. Entering the correct demographic information, understanding the regulatory and payer needs for accurate claim submission, fighting to get paid for denied claims, and finally posting payments accurately are all important steps in increasing your net profit. In order to effectively manage your practice, EVERY step is critical to your PTBL.

Our Billing Team understands how critical their role is to your business, unlike an RCM company that has never been part of a successful, private PT practice.

They know that EACH and EVERY dollar is integral to your PT Bottom Line, especially the most difficult ones to collect.

What if your RCM company did even more?

What if they helped you analyze your schedule efficiency, looked for ways that you could maximize your charges, helped you analyze how much cancellations and a lack of new patient conversions was costing you, and then helped you find the resources and training you need to fix these issues that cost practice owners 10’s or even 100’s of thousands of dollars a year?

This is exactly what we do for you because that is exactly what we did for ourselves. We call it RCM on steroids.

Our Revenue Cycle Management Services Include:

  • An aggressive approach to claim filing, payment posting and denial management because we know these are the hardest dollars to collect
  • Management of patient collections
  • Handling of your credentialing and revalidations*
  • Weekly RCM reporting and a monthly RCM summary report
  • Access to your own dedicated US-based specialists to answer your questions through email, phone or online conferencing
  • Completion of insurance verifications and pre-authorizations*

*Additional fees may apply