Discounted pricing on RCM and Consulting services

Premium services, profitable results.

It is our belief that therapy business owners can have their cake and eat it too. What does that mean?

In the therapy world it means we believe you can take amazing care of your patients AND your employees AND still make a profit AND create a business that you can sell some day for a multiple of your bottom line.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. It’s just not easy…which is why everybody doesn’t do it and where we come in.

PTBL Premium is the best of both worlds.

When we were starting out, we would have given our firstborn to find somebody to help us through Executive Consulting and RCM on steroids. Luckily for our firstborns, there wasn’t anybody; luckily for you, we created PT Bottom Line.

If we decide together that hiring us for both Executive Consulting and Revenue Cycle Management is in your best interest, we will provide both services at a discounted rate utilizing our PTBL Premium plan.

This is a win-win as we both benefit from the increased efficiency and results of having our entire team integrated and working to help you grow your PTBL.

The PTBL Premium plan includes all services listed in our RCM and Executive Consulting plans, plus whatever add-on services you choose from the list below.

Our PTBL Premium Services Include:

    • A strategic introduction session to determine your business’ goals
    • An operational and financial analysis of strengths and weaknesses
    • A personalized business growth strategy with guidance on the steps to reach your goals
    • Access to the same operational, financial, and budgeting tools we created and utilized to make our own business profitable.
    • Handling of your credentialing and revalidations
    • An aggressive approach to claim filing, payment posting and denial management because we know these are the hardest dollars to collect
    • Management of patient collections
    • Weekly RCM reporting and a monthly RCM summary report
    • Priority email access to our team with questions for all things that impact your PTBL
  • A monthly call with your personal PTBL consultant AND our owner

Based on your needs and our analysis, you will be able to choose from the following additional services:

  • Employee Handbook and Job Description assistance
  • Personnel Record Keeping requirement
  • Policy & Procedure development
  • Customize application, create pre-screening and interview questions
  • Post position to major job boards and social media platforms
  • Payroll administration and compliance
  • Provide employee portal for employees to update and manage their personal data
  • Manage bill pay
  • Process invoices
  • Verify EFT's received have been deposited in bank account.
  • Verify EFT's received in bank have been posted in client's billing system
  • Train front desk to understand their importance in RCM
  • Develop metrics for front desk to improve daily operations
  • Review best practices with billing staff for eligibility checks, authorizations, posting payments, denials, and appeal strategies
  • Instruct how to legally and ethically increase clinicians’ charges.
  • Explain why seeing one patient per hour is not sustainable for most practices.
  • Additional topics available depending on clinical staff’s needs.